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Edward's Story

As a retired regional-CFO of a Fortune 50 company, I was comfortable, and competent, at managing my own portfolio in the "accumulation" stage. After the sale of my subsequent privately-held company, I realized I had little knowledge of managing that portfolio in the "income-generating" stage. My previous adviser retired and I needed a new one, so I started searching. A close friend recommended Amanda and was highly satisfied working with her. Amanda was number three of four in order of my search, and I never bothered with number four. I put her through a 2 hour interview and by the end of it, I knew I'd found the right person to work with moving forward. Now with several years of experience behind us, I was right.

Over the past several years, Amanda has shown me how little I really knew about the strategies available to make the most of what I'd saved. What impressed me then, and even more now, is her attention to personal detail in what I want to accomplish, my personal life style, and my specific financial needs. She's worked through the purchase of both a vacation home and new primary residences. She also works with my CPA (in Texas) to know all the tax implications of my investments as well as my various attorneys. I've never seen this level of involvement in a Financial Advisor before. Amanda has my unconditional trust to manage my portfolio in my personal best interest. I no longer live in the Daytona area, but that to me is irrelevant. She IS my Financial Advisor wherever I go, and I'm honored to call her "my friend."

Edward – June 5, 2018

Sarasota, FL

Myron's Story

I have been working with Amanda for nearly 10 years now. My wife and I met her when our previous financial advisor retired and recommended Amanda to us. Over the past ten years I retired from an academic career and lost my wife to breast cancer. Amanda was instrumental in smoothing out these two challenging transitions, which most people experience sooner or later.

Prior to, and after my retirement of being a professor for nearly 40 years, she guided me and handled all the paperwork associated with transitioning my pension investments and 403b accounts. I needed to generate income in retirement to partially replace my salary. Her constant research of the markets and financial products helped position me well for my future. When my wife passed in 2017, Amanda and her team helped me with household finances and related financial paperwork. It was invaluable to me to have their support. Amanda even delivered a speech at my wife's funeral.

Amanda and her company provided me personalized financial services which took in account my age, life stage, risk tolerance, preferences, and needs. It was not a "one size fits all" financial service. She made me feel very important and understood according to my needs. In my opinion, she has outstanding qualities including intelligence, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, listening skills, responsiveness, networking skills, constant growth in her skill set, and an unfailing desire to help her clients enhance their financial futures. Even though I expect to move to other cities in my retirement, I will continue to work with Amanda. In my opinion, she is the "best of the best" at what she does as well as a great human being. I am honored to call her a friend as well as my financial advisor.

Myron – June 1, 2018

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Linda's Story

My family has worked with Amanda for nearly 6 years now. My husband handled everything and was truly my Superman. Whatever he thought was best is what I naturally thought as well when it came to our retirement and finances. I wasn't interested in knowing more at the time so I had little involvement. I had a full time job of raising my children and managing our home life, but always knew my husband trusted in Amanda. They both would communicate and strategize to increase our retirement funds routinely. My husband suddenly passed in 2014 and I was immediately handed all the financial reigns, to which I was not quite ready for. I am so grateful of the relationship I now have with Amanda. She took me under her wing, cried with me, comforted me, reassured me and continues to show such special care to me and my retirement, after all of these years. In my opinion, I say she's also known as "superwoman", but that's probably an understatement. She's a hardworking, focused, ready to learn at all times, professional, multitalented, compassionate, intelligent, loyal, competent, confident person and most of all, she has the most beautiful smile every time you see her…AKA…" SUPERWOMAN". Amanda and I now have that same personal bond that my husband had with her. I can't thank her enough for being my personal financial adviser and good friend. Mainly her just being her!

Linda – New Smyrna Beach, FL

June 5, 2018

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